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Projection Advertising


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Advertising through considered, polished and strategic projection mapping can be a unique and innovative way of publicising a brand, product or event. The vibrant nature and magnificent scale of projection advertising stops passers-by in their tracks. This approach to advertising can also have a dramatic impact on social media and gain a phenomenal audience response.

Projection advertising is a bold way of striking an audience and offers a much more captivating experience than traditional advertising methods. Double Take Projections are known for bright, exciting campaigns, on well-known buildings, landmarks and landscapes that can transform ordinary places in extraordinary ways.

How often do you see extravagant outdoor projections that complement the landscape? Not often at all is likely the answer. Create a bold campaign with us, and people from all demographics will notice you. Projection Mapping is not only an effective technique for advertising to the masses, but for being remembered by them too!


What is Projection Advertising?

Projection advertising – also known as projection media or street projection, is the act of projecting still images or moving imagery onto a building, landmark or the landscape, for advertising purposes. Projection advertising often takes a more measured approach than guerrilla projection and is usually part of a broader marketing campaign. It is important to note that although it is not illegal to do projection mapping on a building without permission (apart from a few notable exceptions), Double Take Projections can assist in securing the appropriate permissions on behalf of clients, ahead of their projection campaign.

Many of Double Take Projections clients opt for this service to promote a new product in an interesting location that will be eye-catching or relevant to the target market. Advertisements for upcoming events is another popular choice for building projection and it can even be used to spread awareness of an essential message to the public. Whatever your business’ needs, projection advertising could be valuable.

Why Choose Mobile Street Projections?

Through projection mapping you can transform bland building walls into instant works of art, and of course advertise effectively in the process. It is a grassroots option with an incredible amount of flexibility and awareness, however we have had businesses big and small use our services as it can be effective for just about any occasion. If you are up for being a bit edgy and putting something out there that is sure to get people talking, illuminating the evening with your brand’s message is how it is done.

Clients choose projection advertising when they are looking to go against the grain, and market their product in a more memorable, and stimulating manner. Projection advertising also has many practical benefits; it is less expensive than opting for a digital billboard and offers much more adaptability as it is not just limited to buildings. Our team will assist you in creating a campaign that’s perfect for your unique goals. Promoting an event? New product launch? Strategically gaining social media traction? Projection advertising is the perfect complement for any advertising effort that wants to attract a huge audience.

The scale that can be gained with projection advertising is truly remarkable and transcends the impact that a more traditional advertising method could achieve. The nature of projection advertising means that the client can choose their canvas, from waterfalls to aeroplanes – there is a world full of possibilities! Video projection can be used for a quick activation, or applied over a prolonged time period to gain footfall exposure, as well as images for press and promotion. It is also possible to advertise at multiple sites in a single night, reaching a variety of audiences, and also reducing the cost and length of your advertising campaign.

Irn Bru projection advertising onto the Armadillo Glasgow Projection Advertising

The Projection Advertising Process

The process is quite simple, as with any of our services. You will not have to do much yourself other than give us the idea, location and any other key pieces of information. Let us know what you have in mind. We love to collaborate with you to come up with something unique for your campaign. This approach is beneficial for campaigns targeting a nationwide audience and requiring exposure in several locations. We can also advise on finding the right type of building and location that will maximise impact. Let us help you design a strategy that integrates interactivity to make sure your audience has a memorable experience with your business.

Double Take Projections use high-spec projectors to beam bespoke wall projections and visuals, mapped to the architecture of the surface or building. The team set up and power the projector and equipment, using a custom-fitted vehicle or base. Whether the façade is up close or up to a kilometre away, Double Take Projections is ready to project anywhere within a short period of time. The projector is easy to move and can be placed almost anywhere. An in-house photographer or videographer will document the projection advertisement for client use too. We have a selection of projection advertising case studies available to view on the page.

Capturing Projections and Time-Lapse Technique

Double Take Projections photographers and videographers are experienced in capturing projections within a vast array of environments. Outdoor projection is particularly dazzling as it can be incorporated with the environment, resulting in some showstopping light projections that will leave people gasping. Nightlife areas complement projection mapping beautifully and provide robust and striking imagery, which can be a powerful vehicle for any campaign. The team also documents audience reaction, which provides engaging content and captures the ambience of the event.

In addition to real-time filming, Double Take Projections has developed expertise in time-lapse photography, which can be incredibly emotive and compelling. Double Take Projections time-lapse technique involves reducing the speed of video projection. The video content is filmed and then sped back up to normal speed in post-processing. This process produces a stunning visual, showing the landscapes, clouds and stars glistening in the background at a significantly faster pace to the light projection.

Double Take is your place for incredible building projection advertising. We are a team of creative, out-of-the-box minds bringing a flair to evening city and landscapes like nobody else! Reach out to us when you are ready to create unforgettable impressions on your audience!


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