Irn Bru – 30 Years of ‘Made from Girders’

Double Take Projections have worked with AG Barr and Stripe Communications on multiple projection advertising campaigns. The most memorable being in 2015 when we projected Irn-Bru bottles holding up the Forth Bridge to mark the 30th Anniversary of their iconic advertising campaign. Irn-Bru really is ‘made from girders’!


‘Made in Scotland from Girders’

Client – Irn-Bru
Location – Forth Bridge; South Queensferry Edinburgh. SEC Armadillo, SSE Hydro; Glasgow
Date – 2015 to present
Project Partners – Stripe Communications, AG Barr
Project Spec – 4 x EX16K-E 16,000-lumen projectors. 1 x PT-RZ31K 31,000 lumen laser projectors.

Projection Advertising Installation

‘Made in Scotland from Girders’ is arguably Irn-Bru’s most iconic and loved advertising campaign to date and has gained national recognition. The Forth Bridge and girders are engrained into Irn-Bru’s history, from the famous ‘Forth Bridge’ poster to the opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. It felt right to include The Forth Bridge in the celebrations, with this unique projection advertising installation.

Irn-Bru released five limited edition bottle designs to commemorate their advertising campaign dating back to the 1980s. Our guerrilla projection marketing technique beamed the artwork onto the pillars of the Forth Bridge. We used 4 x 16,000-lumen projectors and a variety of throw lenses to envelop the bridge in light. We shot images for the press and captured time-lapse footage to document the activation. The result was a stunning late-night marketing projection.

The Snowman

Following on from the success of the first campaign, Double Take Projections were commissioned to project another iconic Irn-Bru advertising campaign. Twelve years on from the famous advert’s first airing – using a 30,000 lumen Panasonic laser projector – we beamed a preview of the sequel to ‘The Snowman’ onto Glasgow’s SSE Hydro. We finally find out what happens to the little boy after he plummets into a snowy George Square when his snowman friend nicks his IRN-BRU and let’s go of his hand…

To promote the launch of a new partnership between Irn-Bru and the SSE Hydro, in Glasgow we illuminated the Armadillo with our geurrilla projection marketing service. A giant can of Irn- Bru was projected onto the buildings’ silver texture to celebrate AG Barr taking over the drink contract. We used 2 x 16,000-lumen Panasonic projectors which were sited on the other side of the Clyde to enable us to blanket the façade.

Massive Online Impact

Double Take Projections’ marketing projections on an iconic world heritage site and Glasgow landmarks caused a sensation and trended extensively on social media platforms. The Irn-Bru Forth Bridge campaign projection was featured heavily in the print editions of many national newspapers. The Daily Record, The Sun, Scottish Daily Mail, The Metro, Glasgow Evening Times and The Edinburgh Evening News all ran dedicated articles of the story with a combined circulation of 694,775 copies. A variety of news outlets, including The Scotsman, The National and Evening News dedicated online articles on their websites. Local Radio Station, Forth One, covered the story in their morning shows. The projection mapping on to the Clyde Auditorium made a massive impact online and in print.

“Thanks so so much for all your help with the projection. Our client was so so pleased and delighted with the outcome!”
Kirsty Greison, Stripe Communications.


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