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Guerrilla Projections


Mobile Projection Bombing – Follow Your Audience

Guerrilla projection is one of the most effective and unique ways of striking an audience – enticing them to stop in their tracks and consider the projected message. Double Take Projections works with clients to boldly visualise their message, and take it from the studio to the streets.  With a fleet of mobile projection vehicles, including custom-built vans, projection trailers, and even rigged bicycles – the team can adapt to suit all circumstances.

When used successfully, guerrilla projection is an excellent tool for gaining widespread recognition, and national exposure for your brand, message or campaign. The Double Take Projections team is passionate about creating innovative stunts that bend the rules, create a media storm and grab the headlines by causing controversy. By turning iconic buildings into canvases of light and colour, guerrilla projection generates the kind of buzz around a brand or campaign. This style of projection can often only be achieved with a significant advertising budget or in-house marketing team.

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Calmac timelapse marketing film, Guerrilla Projections on abandoned boats, Mull

What is a Guerrilla Projection?

Guerrilla projection – also known as street projection, or projection bombing – is the act of projecting still or moving images from a mobile unit onto buildings without permission. It’s important to note that it is not illegal to project onto the façade of any building without permission – apart from a few notable exceptions.

Many of Double Take Projections’ clients opt for guerrilla projection when traditional forms of advertising are limited, due to a variety of legal restrictions. Double Take Projections maintains awareness of UK law regarding public projection. The team understands the constraints and loopholes to navigate to create a legitimate and memorable campaign.

On The Massacre of Glencoe, Guerrilla Projections timelapse film, mountain

Why Guerrilla Projection?

Guerrilla projection is the most flexible and mobile style of projection mapping. The team can project content almost anywhere – from the facade of a busy, city centre landmark to the isolated, rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

This service can be used for discreet and swift activation or used over a prolonged period to gain footfall exposure, as well as images for press and promotion. This technique allows the team to tag multiple projection sites in a single night – reaching a variety of audiences that are usually out of reach. Guerrilla projections will enable clients to illuminate and temporality tag the most unlikely of places.

Scottish Governmemt Timelapse Guerrilla Projections film, for st andrews day

The Guerrilla Projection Process

Double Take Projections use high powered projection equipment to project bespoke visuals, that we map to the proportions and contours of the chosen canvas. Projectors are set up and powered using a custom-fitted vehicle, allowing the team to attend the site efficiently, and begin projecting within a matter of minutes. Whether the projection surface is up close; a kilometre away; 90 degrees up; or down a valley, the team is prepared to project on anything within a short period of time. One of Double Take Projections dedicated photographers or videographers will document the projections for client use.

Guerrilla projections are ideal for campaigns that benefit from gaining exposure in more than one location or city across the country. We have the capability to project in the north of Scotland and the south of Scotland during the same evening.

Caledonia Beer Bottles Projection Loch Katrine

Corporate & Charity Projection Stunts

Advertising through guerrilla projection can create a unique buzz around a project; it’s a technique suited to a variety of messages, products and campaigns. Guerrilla projection lends itself excellently to bold, striking charity campaigns, that can touch a far broader audience than traditional advertising methods. Double Take Projections has worked with multiple charities around the country including; CHAS, Poppy Scotland, The Mental Health Foundation, Cancer Research, The Big Lottery Fund and The Children’s Hearing.

The team can capture an impressive series of photographs and videos, with little turn-around time. Clients benefit from rich digital content for their social media channels, documenting campaign progress throughout the week – a unique and impactful way of creating suspense around a project and gaining traction on social media. Double Take Projections has used guerrilla projection to promote a broad range of products and services for corporate clients. Double Take Projections’ corporate portfolio includes activations with; Tennents, Hits Radio, Irn-Bru, VPZ, Schuh, Manchester City FC, Ardbeg Distillery, Asahi Beer, SRU and Whyte & Mackay. Guerrilla projection can be a highly effective approach for an edgy, unusual or unexpected brand activation – the possibilities are limitless.

Irn Bru Projection Marketing, on Forth Rail Bridge Edinburgh

Political Projection Stunts

Since 2013, Double Take Projections has used street projection techniques to beam key political messages to the electorate – delivering stunts for the SNP, The Liberal Democrats, The Peoples Vote, Vote Remain, The Yes Campaign and Scotland in Union. With a single high-powered projector, Double Take Projections has transformed some of the UK’s most famous landmarks into huge political advertisements. The team understands that many political partners work within tight budget constraints, and often activations are required within a short time frame. The team is reactive and always prepared to deliver an activation within hours. Double Take Projections remains professionally apolitical and acts as a facilitator in publicising a message or campaign on behalf of clients.

People's Vote Guerrilla Projections, Westminster London

Trade Union Protest Projections

Double Take Projections is always ready and willing to support the underdogs and amplify their voices loud and clear! Multiple trade unions have approached Double Take Projections to shine light on various vital issues; notably, the team projected a long list of underfunded schools onto the Houses of Parliament for the Teachers Union. Double Take Projections has worked with Amnesty International on several occasions, for example, to protest against Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland, projecting onto the Trump Turnberry Hotel. On a more local level, the team worked with Save Leith Walk, to beam their message onto prominent landmarks across Edinburgh, which helped to save many buildings from demolition and retain crucial cultural heritage.


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