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Projection Mapping


Building Projection & Video Mapping

Double Take Projections are experts in designing bespoke, projection installations. Using the latest 3D mapping technology, our team can completely transform any surface, to create a spectacular display of light and colour. Due to advancements in projection mapping, and the power of our software and projectors, our team can project onto just about anything.

From cathedrals and cars to planes and ping pong tables, no job is too big, nor is it too unrealistic. We have projection mapped for a vast array of clients.  Just come to us with your ideas and we will bring them to life – the world is your canvas!


We provide an extensive service – everything from projection concept generation to site derig. The team are experts in surveying locations and have created an impressive portfolio of projections on many of the UK’s most renowned buildings and landmarks. A skilled, multidisciplinary team of in-house designers can expertly achieve bold and considered content, in line with our client’s needs.

Double Take Projections experienced production team are experts in creating efficient and secure projection sites, using our stock of high-spec, high-powered projectors and equipment. Feel free to browse our case studies to get an idea of our experience with video mapping.

Full In house Service

A team of talented, in-house photographers and videographers are always prepared to document our projection shows and provide clients with engaging and polished content on any manner of surfaces in any location. Examples of impressive projection stunts and events have galvanised past audiences across the UK and reverberated around social media and in the press.

At Double Take Projections, we provide a full in-house service, from initial consultation and concept, through creative, animation to technical production and final installation.

What is Projection Mapping

Projection mapping, which is commonly referred to as building projection, video mapping or street projection, is a form of lighting design and technology which allows the team to project and skew imagery to fit the contours of a surface at a phenomenal scale.

This technique lends itself particularly well to projects that benefit from bold impact, and considerable scope – the flexibility and capabilities of projection mapping technology are vast.

Double Take Projections use high powered projection equipment to animate any surface using light. In essence, the team can radically alter the character of buildings or objects by projecting at different angles onto a variety of canvases. A projection mapping specialist can create beautiful illusions with moving images, which captivate live audiences and leave them with a memorable impression of an event.

Creating a Buzz Around Your Brand

Video projection has a long history but has experienced a surge in popularity and accessibility in recent years. Most commonly, we see the technology being used to transform entire historic building façades or public spaces into art on a vast scale.

Projection mapping is highly versatile and can enhance a myriad of different projects and events; such as art installations and exhibitions, historical celebrations, experiential marketing projects and guerrilla advertising stunts. Let us create a buzz around your brand that is otherwise only achieved through a large advertising budget.

Flat video projection with video projectors is becoming substandard, and in order to tantalize large audiences, 3D projection mapping with multiple projectors is the preferred option.

Projection mapping has the ability to take an object such as a building, and project onto its walls with absolutely no distortion to the display images. Often site-specific, the best projection mapping project will succeed by enhancing rather than erasing the architecture.

Why Projection Mapping

The projection mapping technique can be an incredibly moving way of bringing untold stories to light and used to transform the most unexpected spaces into the most stunning canvas or screen.

Projection mapping can celebrate the history of a place, bring communities together and take art and design out of the traditional confines of a gallery space, for the public to enjoy. Moreover 3D projection mapping software has the potential to enhance any building location or surface, and if you are creative you can bring any space to life, for any need!

Using projection mapping is a unique and memorable way of approaching an advertising brief and marketing a product or event that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Double Take are expert in creating immersive installations, and experiential marketing stunts in a real environment; stopping audiences in their tracks and heightening user engagement with a brand or product.

Not only does dynamic 3D projection mapping engage audiences but it can also immerse them within the projections. Providing the area is big enough, you can map any wall or surface into moving pieces of art that will leave an audience in disbelief. And when you do that, you are leaving a lasting impact on them.

Team Up with a Projection Mapping Specialist

3D projection mapping has completely evolved since its first outings in the early 2000s when its purpose was to project visual-art and enhance live-music shows. Although it is still used for that, it can now be used by artists and production companies to incorporate the telling of entire stories; by using animated visuals and music to produce cinema style effects, action and narratives onto any object.

We have found it is particularly useful and engaging when used for product launches. A lot of companies are now seeing the benefits of video mapping, and product launches are just one of the many reasons to use this technique.

The magnitude achieved with projection mapping is spectacular and surpasses the limits of conventional approaches to exhibition and advertising. Projection mapping is a very flexible and mobile medium – Double Take Projections can activate a projection just about anywhere – quickly and efficiently with maximum impact to your audience.

Take your advertising campaigns to new heights, gain your brand positive recognition and transform environments with our highly advanced, 3D projection mapping service.

Our Projection Mapping Process

Our team at Double Take Projections have developed systems and processes to ensure maximum efficiency. All you need to create a stunning spectacle is a piece of inspiration – an idea. Even if the planning process for your event is already in effect, it is still possible to use projection mapping. In order to minimise costs and maximise creativity and collaboration, however, try and plan your projection mapping as far in advance as possible.

Once commissioned for a piece of work, a full site survey is carried out, and with the use of photogrammetry models and the latest 3D laser scanning equipment, Our projection mapper will produce an unwrapped front elevation of the structure acting as a design template. Next, the team story-boards the desired project narrative and conducts research. The team then often works with a scriptwriter, to develop a strong narrative that runs through all mediums of the project.

Using 2D animation techniques, 3D projection mapping software, green screen videography and motion graphics, Double Take Projections produces imaginative shows that dazzle audiences. The studio has an extensive kit list and can provide or acquire any mapping projector and Audio Visual equipment required. From our point of view, the more equipment, and high capability equipment at that, the more we can bring your interactive idea to life.

Our high quality projectors, mapping software and head light fixtures are carefully installed and set up by our fastidious mapping project team. We have a team of experienced video technicians that install the equipment and line it up to the contours of the construction on the three dimensional object. Then during the event, an in-house photographer or videographer films and photographs the show, to create a legacy image of the project.

We aim to create immersive experiences and to make every future event a long lasting memory in the minds and hearts of the audience. Projection mapping is not just a selling piece, it is a live artwork and illusion designed to impress!

Our Projection Mapping Experience

Double Take Projections have a significant amount of experience, having worked on some of the biggest interactive displays in the UK, for all types of clients – turning common objects into art installations and transforming many types of buildings into a dynamic canvas.

From Historic England’s Where light Falls event at St Paul’s Cathedral to our United Nations projection in Geneva ‘Plastic if Forever’, the team has projected images onto the surfaces of many renowned landmarks across the UK and beyond.

Customers We have Worked With

The team can create and deliver world-class image mapping shows at any event, on either a flat surface or onto common objects. From opening ceremonies, brand events, skyline takeovers, social media events, media activations, mural mapping, immersive exhibitions, property launches, experiential marketing and anniversary projections.

Examples of DTP’s client base includes Maserati, World Wildlife Fund, Pepsico, Johnnie Walker, MaCallan, Manchester City FC, Chelsea FC, Three, Columbia Records, Tennants, Asahi, and The United Nations to name a few. Discover some of the best projection mapping installations from recent years that give viewers the wow factor.

Why Choose Us?

The reason we are specialists is not only because of the team’s experience, but as a result of the range and scale of events we have mapped projections for and the number of companies we have worked with.

You need a projection mapping specialist if you want the best result. At Double Take we aim to map any and every venue into a different world, creating stunning animations, optical illusions, interactive visuals and video footage that leaves the viewer dazzled.

We sincerely hope the mapping techniques we have developed over the years give an extra dimension to our work and our team’s combination of dazzling visuals and their keen eye for perfection appeals to you whatever your imagination desires.

Our display experience with projects large and small speaks volumes for the work we do. If you think an immersive experience through 3D projection mapping could be for you or your business do not wait around – leave your audience in disbelief.


Projection Mapping Case Studies


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