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Building Projections


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A building projection may sound simple, but they are a great way to bring any type of surface to life with their amazing colour and show stopping art work. Projection mapping can be used for advertising, an event such as a birthday or a wedding, or for guerrilla marketing, and it is an imaginative way to attract your consumer. With our highly experienced Double Take design team, we can help your ideas come to life the only limit will be your imagination.


What are Building Projections?

A building projection – also referred to as projection mapping – is projecting moving or still images onto a building with specialist equipment such as video projectors. You may want to project on to a large scale building such as St Paul’s Cathedral or a small building such as a shop; whatever your desired surface we will be able to project onto it. A building projection is a great way to advertise your business and appeal to a large audience, as the projections are not the usual way of advertising. Your message is likely to stand out and appeal to large audiences. There is not one building projection which goes unnoticed and they are usually uploaded to social media by consumers as they are imaginative and unusual way to advertise.

The Different Ways to Project onto Buildings

There are different types of projections you can use for your building projection. One of these is known as Guerrilla Projection; this is the act of projecting still or moving images from a mobile unit onto buildings without permission. Guerrilla projections are one of the best ways to catch your audience by surprise and gets your brand from the studio to the streets. For more information on Guerrilla advertising you can visit our ‘Guerrilla Projection’ service page.

Projection Mapping

Another way to project onto a building is through projection mapping. Projection mapping, also known as video mapping, is a form of lighting design and technology which allows the Double Take team to project and skew imagery to fit the contours of a surface. The Double Take team have used video projection mapping on cathedrals to ping pong tables, there is no surface which is too small or too big.

Using this way of advertising, any environment can be shaped and manipulated to fit your brand characteristics. This technique is mostly used by artists and brands who are wanting to captivate and excite their audiences. For more information on projection and video mapping you can visit our ‘Projection Mapping’ service page.

Why use Building Projections?

Using amazing projection tools such as street projections, project mapping and guerrilla projections can bring in new consumers that you may never thought possible. One major reason to use building projections is the flexibility. The content can be changed and altered to suit any surface. This type of advertising can be projected onto any building.

When it comes to technology and visual effects there is so much you can experiment with – the possibilities are endless. Creating artwork and visual effects that will work on any building or surface is our business. Working with leading designers, we will come up with amazing, imaginative ideas which will bring your projection campaign to life.

Spotlight on Mary, Projection Light Walk, Craigmillar Main wall

Street Projections to Increase Awareness

Using street projections are a great way to increase brand awareness. The uniqueness of using a advertising technique such as this in your branding events will really stand out to people and impact such a large scale audience that it is bound to bring in new consumers. Being able to control the content that goes into your video projection will help the promotion of your brand.

Projection mapping does not need a lot of physical props and technology in order for it to work. Having all these props means added time for building, transportation and setting up but with video projection all this time and effort is non existent. All you need is the projection equipment and your artistic work and you are good to go for a magnificent event!

Get in touch with us today to see if we can help you use a building projection for your upcoming events.


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