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Christmas Projections


Christmas Projection Mapping Shows

Christmas projections with Double Take are one of the most striking and eye catching ways of advertising in the festive season. The Double Take team are able to take your Christmas decorations from simple Christmas lights to a breath taking display of your brand, showing audiences not only your images but also what your organisation stands for. Our team of in-house designers are ready to make your brand come to life as the possibilities for advertising through a Christmas projection installation are endless.

With the Double Take team behind you, the opportunities for a Christmas projection are endless. This unique way of advertising can help any product be known, through its distinctive way of branding. No other form of advertising has the impact of Christmas projections. A growing number of organisations are realising this and are using projection mapping to draw attention to their products, services, events and campaigns.

Christmas projections allow you to reach a wider audience and bring creativity into the most unlikely of places. We are so used to seeing photo images or an advert on a bus stop or in a magazine, that it does not catch our eye anymore. But with projection mapping the displays are so striking that we cannot help but stand and stare. Creating wonderful designs which are able to entice and appeal to your consumers is a key priority for any Double Take installation.


Why use Christmas Projections?

It can take a lot for your brand to stand out in the Christmas period, as all businesses are trying to promote their Christmas items and are going to extremes when it comes to advertising. Therefore a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ banner or Christmas lights will not impress the usual consumer. Using your imagination to think outside the box when it comes to advertising this Christmas is really important.

One of the best things about using projection mapping at Christmas time is it is eye catching to the consumer – much more so than a standard Christmas decoration. With the dark nights, families and friends will travel to see Christmas lights. Advertising this way can draw in customers especially having an event such as a Christmas light switch on as thousands of people visit events such as these every year.

Another great reason to use Christmas projections is the advertising you do not have to pay for, which is done by social media. When people go and view projections with their family and friends, they are grateful to take a picture or a video for their social media as it it so magical to watch. At Christmas time you also have the bonus of people wanting to spread Christmas cheer on their social media, so those who may not have shared images or videos earlier in the year may share now due to the festive season.

We can see from videos already shared on the internet that people will travel for miles to see Christmas displays in the festive season. Some videos of Christmas projections online have thousands of views, showing that even those who are unable to see these Christmas projections in real life will watch videos of the show.

Another great thing about projection mapping in the Christmas period is that the possibilities are endless. You can go as big as covering a church with your Christmas projection or just a small logo for your audience; no matter your choice the audience will be dazzled. So why not swap outdated Christmas lights and decorations to a impressive Christmas projection this year?

What is Christmas Projection Mapping?

Christmas projections are a type of projection mapping. Projection mapping also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technique used to turn objects such as buildings or sculptures into a display on any type of surface such as a building. Although projection mapping seems like a new and modern way to advertise it has actually been around since 1969 and is now bigger than ever. From the United Kingdom to Australia, projection mapping can be found worldwide.

Projection mapping first came to light through guerrilla advertising from electronic musicians. This started a trend through world known companies such as Toyota, BMW and Nokia. These brands used mapping techniques to advertise on large buildings such as churches. Nokia was one of the first big companies to make their projection mapping interactive as it would mimic peoples movements as they walked past.

Unlike traditional video projection, where content is projected onto a flat screen, projection mapping can be used to transform any 3D surface into an interactive display. Through the development of project mapping we are able to project any product onto almost any surface. Although projection mapping is known for its success with advertising, it can also be used in many other scenarios such as TV shows, interactive displays at museums or even something as unexpected as a firework display.

Many people now use Christmas projection to advertise in the festive period. There have been many iconic brands who have chosen this method to advertise at Christmas such as Walt Disney World, London’s Hotel Café Royal, and Quality Street. Some of these displayed a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ projection whilst others showed an engaging Christmas video. Using projection mapping at Christmas can really immerse your audience in a magical story.

You can see a range of our projections on our ‘Case Studies’ page. We have used projection mapping on castles, churches and even ping pong boards. As Christmas projection mapping has changed so much, there is not a lot you cannot advertise on.

The Christmas Projection Video Mapping Process

In order to make your Christmas projection mapping dream a reality, we do not need much from you. We can turn the smallest, broadest idea into a magical, specific performance.

Following an on-site survey, we create an unwrapped front elevation of the chosen façade to act as a template for content animation and design software. We also use 3D Laser Scanning which enables us to collect data of real-world buildings.

After this, we identify what the client wants from the experience and create vision boards and story boards in order to make their Christmas projection vision a reality. We then create digital mock-up images, screens and videos onto our clients’ chosen façade which is an excellent way of generating excitement about the upcoming Christmas projection. When approved, we work with various scriptwriters across the United Kingdom. Due to our large network of writers, we can choose the one who will best suit your Christmas show.

Using 2D animation techniques, 3D projection mapping software, green screen videography and motion graphics, Double Take Projections produce imaginative Christmas shows that dazzle audiences. The studio has an extensive kit list and can provide or acquire any mapping projector and Audio Visual equipment required. The more high quality equipment will bring your Christmas dream to life.

The final step is getting our high quality projectors and head light fixtures carefully installed and set up by our mapping project team. We have a team of experienced video technicians that install the equipment and line it up to the contours of the building or whatever surface it is. During the event, an in-house photographer or videographer films and photographs the show to create a legacy of the Christmas project. We aim to make every event a long lasting memory in the minds and hearts of the viewers.

Past Christmas Lights Projections

The Double Take team have done a range of Christmas projections over the years. A particular Christmas display at Norwich Castle brought friends and families from across the United Kingdom. During this Yuletide projection, the display showed a spectacularly choreographed piece of dance. Being able to use this incredible building, the team were able to animated the characters to create the illusion that they were moving the walls. In addition, certain colors were added to the background of the performance to create a snow and ice effect on the walls. This particular projection was voted in the top ten Projection Mapping shows in the world in that year, and received widespread coverage on a range of media channels.

One of the most original Christmas light shows Double Take has created was Edinburgh’s Giant Advent Calendar. For this project the team took on the challenge of producing scenes from an advent calendar on one of Edinburgh’s biggest buildings in the city. Every day from the 1st to 25th of December there was a different light show which reflected the history of Edinburgh’s Christmas. Over half a million people viewed the Christmas lights in action and over 100,000 people watched it over on social media platforms.

A more recent Christmas projection project for Double Take was ‘Crewe’s Nights of Lights’. Here the Christmas display was brought to life on the Municipal Building which was a perfect setting for this performance. The show showed a magical Christmas winter fairy story which left audiences star struck. The Christmas light switch on was the debut for this feature and was a raging success. The experience more than doubled the number of people attend than the previous year’s Christmas light switch-on event. The aim of this installation was for the Council to change the perceptions of the area, and there is no doubt that Double Take achieved this with their show stopping christmas projection.

Please visit our Case Studies page which provides further information on our range of Christmas projections.


Christmas Projection Case Studies


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