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Double Take Projections are an innovative, UK based design consultancy specialising in creating immersive visual experiences using a technique called Projection Mapping.  We are a bespoke Agency, creating unique, one-off building projection spectacles.

Projection Mapping is a new and exciting technique which harnesses the recent advances in high powered projection equipment to allow us to animate any surface. We are able to radically alter the character of an environment or object by projecting from different angles onto a variety of surfaces.

Video mapping creates an illusion, with moving images, which will captivate live audiences, leaving them with an unforgettable impression of your brand or event. The public are becoming desensitised to traditional marketing techniques and events. Our product will impact on audiences creating abiding memories. Our product is versatile. We can project onto practically anything for PR campaigns, product launches, music videos, corporate events and guerrilla projections.

Our Clients

Our Video Mapping Process


3D Building Scans, Low Poly 3D Models

On-site Survey
Following an on-site survey, we create an unwrapped front elevation of the chosen façade to act as a template for content animation and design software such as; Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D or Notch. To compile 3D data for projection mapping shows, we deploy a variety of different techniques on a project-by-project basis.

Photogrammetry Models
Photogrammetry is the most common way that we capture 3D geometry for projection mapping shows. By taking hundreds of photos from a variety of angles, we can compile a full profile of the building into seamless 360° images. Using this method builds 4k photographic textures for projecting onto the chosen façade, creating a pixel-perfect template. The photogrammetry data is stitched together in software to create a 3D file of the photographed object. 

Low Poly 3D Models
Creating models that run efficiently within complex animation and video mapping software is crucial. Even while using the most expensive graphics machines; densely subdivided 3d models can restrict what is possible within tight deadlines and live projection mapping shows. A relatively low poly model allows us to edit in real-time applications such as Notch; increasing performance and rendering of resulting graphics.

3D Laser Building Scanning
3D Laser Scanning enables us to collect data of real-world buildings in incredible detail. We have used this method on a number of our higher profile architectural projection mapping shows with more intricate facades. Our favoured machines are the Faro Laser scanners that generate 3D point clouds. The point cloud can be viewed and manipulated from multiple axes, giving the operative a digital duplicate of the façade. The collated data is used to construct digital 3D models to be used in our animation and playback software. 


The Projection Concept

Defining client objectives
To begin a Projection Mapping commission, we clearly define the clients’ creative objectives. Double Take Projections have several processes to communicate our ideas and develop the initial concept for the project. These processes establish a creative conversation between us, the client and their partners.

Vision Boards
The first step in the design process is to create visual reference material as an analysis of the clients’ brief. Key themes and ideas can be explored at this point and a level of interpretation visualised. These boards provide a basis for the rest of the creative process to develop.

Creating Storyboards
Storyboarding allows us to break down projection mapping shows into bite-sized-chunks, inviting the client to communicate their vision. It is also the best time to push the boundaries of the brief, allowing us to explore themes and ideas with the client, often taking building-projection animation in unexpected directions.

Creating digital mock-up images and superimposed videos onto our clients’ chosen facades is an excellent way of generating excitement about the upcoming Projection Mapping Show. It allows a period of refinement of the outcomes and pre-visualisation of the building projection, in a 3D space.  

Script Writing
Once a clear visual style has been developed, and the projection storyboards have been communicated and approved, we work with various scriptwriters across the UK, to capture the narrative of the project. In the past Double Take Projections has worked with a variety of writers from different stylistic backgrounds – from poets to critically acclaimed novelists. We treat the scriptwriting process as one of the integral parts of any building projection project.


Content Design

Creative Spark
Double Take Projections has an in-house design studio with a team of award-winning creators; highly skilled in motion graphics, digital animation, film, photography and interactive software. We have a trusted team of professional and industry contacts available to assist in specific areas. 

Motion Graphic Software
With over fifteen years of experience as graphic artists and projectionists, we have a variety of software that we use to dazzle audiences. The Adobe Creative Suite is our go-to for 2D graphics and animation. From initial concepts through to final rendering, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator are our everyday applications. To create visually stunning building projections, we use 3D software such as Cinema 4D and Notch. These programs allow us to push the boundaries of projection mapping with powerful 3D mapping engines and real-time rendering abilities.

Green Screen Filming
As owners of Scotland’s largest green screen infinity cove and filming studio, we can shoot and incorporate green screen filming into every project we undertake. The Studio allows us to integrate live actors into our animations. To help us achieve an accurate map of the projection façade, we make MDF scale models to use as green screen props and references, for our choreographed actors to interact with during filming. 

Actors / Costume Design
Storyboarding and visualising a project in its initial stages allows us to pinpoint the key themes and graphic styles of our projection mapping shows. This information develops costume design for actors incorporated into building projection content. Costume design is a detail that can make or break an animation, which is why we take great care during the costume curation process.


Projector Specification and Hire

One-Stop Projection Studio
Double Take Projections is a one-stop projection studio. We are one of the few companies in the UK to offer a full range of services, including creative content, motion graphics, full projection hire and production installation for building projections. The company has invested heavily in one of the most extensive stocks of cutting-edge projection equipment; ready for hire in the UK. We are the ideal one-stop projection studio with in-house video techs, a fleet of state-of-the-art Panasonic Solid Shine Laser Projectors, Media Servers and Outdoor IP rated Vizbox Projection Enclosures. 

Panasonic Solid State Laser Projectors
Double Take Projections have a variety of different event projectors covering multiple projection mapping installation types. Our hire team will gladly talk you through what represents the best quality unit for your budget. SOLID SHINE Laser projectors achieve high brightness and outstanding picture quality by harnessing powerful solid-state laser light sources. Elite Panasonic DLP projectors use the built-in Geometry Manager Network Control feature which expands projection capability onto spherical, cylindrical, and other unique surfaces. 

Vizbox Projection Enclosures
Double Take Projections provide full weatherproof VIZBOX projection enclosures for several different sizes of projectors. All of the cabinets in our hire stock prevent dust and water particles from damaging equipment. The boxes are temperature and humidity controlled, ensuring optimum operating conditions for projector performance.

Video Technicians
Double Take Projections technical staff test all equipment at our Projection Mapping Studio. The team produces projection mapping systems ranging from small-scale projection installations to enormous building projections. Our expert technicians can program 4k Brightsign Digital Signage Players to schedule projectors to turn on automatically at specific times, without the need for on-site staff. For full live projection shows, we also provide on-site technicians to operate the projection mapping playback system.

Power Distribution and Generators
Double Take Projections owns numerous portable generators suitable for different applications. Our stock offers us the freedom to project in remote areas and mobile projections, such as guerrilla projection stunts, where we regularly project from the side of a van.

madmapper test card projection mapping onto Craigmillar Castle


Mapping and Video Playback

Projection Mapping on any Surface
Projection Mapping also referred to as 3D mapping, video mapping and augmented spatial reality harnesses the recent advances in high-powered projection equipment to allow us to animate any surface. 

There are two different methods of mapping; 2D where you can create projection maps onto flatter facades or 3D projection mapping, which uses UV mapped objects to warp content onto irregularly shaped complex surfaces. Both options allow for subdivisions of content to correct the geometry on three axes when projected onto a real-life surface. When scaling up to multiple-projector installations, to create one seamless projection, we overlap and edge-blend projectors and mask using Panasonic Geometry Control software. We use a building’s XYZ coordinates, the projectors physical orientation and lens specification to determine a pixel-perfect projection map of a façade.  

Video Playback
We use various Projection Mapping software packages depending on the architectural style of the building we are projecting onto. Resolume is perfect, because of its ability to stack multiple video layers and switch instantly between decks of content, for VJ and Live Visual Shows. MadMapper is our favourite projection mapping software because of its intuitive user interface. It is perfect on the go, allowing quick setups and versatile for last-minute on-site changes. It plays most video codecs; crucial when handed last-minute files during reactive guerrilla marketing campaigns. For larger shows, we use media servers such as Watchout and Disguise; allowing us to scale up to multiple networked projectors.

Queensferry Crossing Launch Projection mapping, under bridge


Documentation and Promotion

Word spreads quickly
We specialise in web-based videography and photography of projections beamed onto prominent buildings and landscapes. Projection Mapping installations boost online profile, instigate conversation/debate and increase social media interactions. Outdoor projections have a lasting impact and engage audiences on multiple social channels, in a variety of different mediums.

Social Media
Guerrilla Marketing stunts have consistently gained international recognition for iconic brands such as Amnesty International, Royal Bank of Scotland, Tennent’s Lager, Poppy Scotland, Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries, Glasgow Rangers Football Club, Glasgow European Games, Irn Bru and the Commonwealth Games. Double Take Projections document and photograph our stunts, creating a lasting impact for projects on social media. 

Our team will happily talk you through our packages; tailoring them to individual briefs and budgets. Promotional films, such as infographics, event video production and commercial videos, prolong the impact of a projection mapping show. Low light cameras document vivid, eye-catching content for all to see. Double Take Projections video production team will take care of the camera, lighting, audio mixing and colour grading to create ultimate press packages.

Our in house team of award-winning photographers document activity throughout a projection stunt: providing live updates to clients. You can relax in the knowledge that your images will be prepared and with you for morning press releases, however, isolated the location of the projection mapping installation. 







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