Caledonia Ales Projection Launch on Loch Katrine

Double Take Projections collaborated with Tennent Caledonian to ‘light up’ the beer scene with the launch of ‘Caledonia’ – a new collection of premium bottled ales. Loch Katrine provided a stunning backdrop for our projections – apt as the loch’s water is a vital ingredient of the new range. This was the first time the iconic loch has been used as a projection location. The atmospheric waters provided the perfect setting to showcase the three new beers in the ‘Caledonia’ range.


Atmospheric Waters

Client – Tennent Caledonian & Wire Media
Location – Loch Katrine
Date – March 2017
Project Spec – 1x PT-RZ21K 21,000 Lumen Laser Projectors

“Unveiling our new ‘Caledonia’ range by projecting on the banks of Loch Katrine, a key ingredient of the beers is really special for us, even more so as this is the first time the loch has been used in this way. The beers represent a contemporary Scotland so we’re delighted to have been able to launch in a modern way, by projecting their image onto the beautiful surrounds of Loch Katrine to really emphasise the link between the beers and their key ingredient.”
Wendy Espie, senior brand manager at Tennent’s

‘Light up’ the beer scene

In a bid to promote its new range of premium ales, Tennent Caledonian collaborated with Double Take Projections on a Guerilla Projections stunt at Loch Katrine, north of Glasgow.

The best projections are big, bold, bright and simple, which is why we decided to launch the new beers in the visual style that we did. With this in mind, the bottles were projected using a transparent, clean background with the only references to the Caledonia branding coming from the projected labels. This put full focus on the brand new beers and allowed Caledonia to incorporate them into every format of their press launch.

To create a statement image, with maximum impact, we felt an important aspect of the projections was showing the bottles as large as possible. Projecting Caledonia’s bottles onto the banks and mountains of Loch Katrine proved to be the perfect location – canvases don’t come much bigger than mountains. To achieve this we took a wide variety of short to long-throw lenses to make sure we could project on any vista that Loch Katrine provided.


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