‘Colour and Light’ at York Art Gallery

After the success of 2023’s ‘Colour & Light’ projection show on York Minster, we were delighted to be asked back to choreograph another mesmerizing projection mapping show for York Bid Group.
This time, our canvas was the illustrious façade of York Art Gallery, a perfect blend of history and contemporary artistry.


Alive with Light & Sound

Client – York Bid Group
Location – York Art Museum
Date – 7th-25th February 2024
Project Partners – LNER, HSBC and City Cruises
Projector Spec – 4 x PT-RZ21K 21,000 Lumen Laser Projectors and 1 x PT-RZ970K 10,000 Lumen Laser Projectors

Ignite York’s Cultural Scene

From February 7th to the 25th of 2024, Colour & Light illuminated the streets of the city, offering a radiant spectacle to defy the dreary winter months. This transformative project painted the York Art Museum with vibrant hues, captivating the imaginations of both visitors and residents. With a staggering audience of over 35,000, the show left an indelible mark on those who witnessed its enchanting display.

Using the York Art Gallery and the iconic William Etty statue as its canvas, this year’s presentation celebrated York’s rich artistic legacy by featuring six masterpieces from the gallery’s collection. Highlighting diverse mediums found within the gallery, including renowned paintings by William Etty, a pivotal figure in York’s art history, the display paid homage to the city’s vibrant artistic tapestry. The result was a captivating blend of colour and dynamic animations that enveloped the Art Gallery, immersing spectators in a spellbinding visual experience.

High Impact and Large Scale Visual Arts

The design team embarked on a mission to transcend the physical boundaries of the art museum and delve into the archives within. With reverence for its storied heritage, they sought to infuse the essence of the institution’s rich legacy into the 8 minute projection show. Each scene, meticulously crafted, bore witness to a deeper narrative, weaving together threads of history, emotion, and artistic fervor. From the strokes of a Renaissance masterpiece to the avant-garde visions of modernity, every pixel served as a conduit, connecting past and present.

Colour & Light emerged as a jubilant tribute to the essence of York itself — a tapestry woven from its distinctive history, architectural marvels, rich artistic legacy, and pioneering spirit in the realm of media arts. It served as a radiant celebration of everything that renders York truly exceptional, spotlighting its cultural tapestry, artistic ingenuity, and its ongoing commitment to innovation on the global stage. The reception was nothing short of resounding, marked by robust visitor turnout, lively interactions on social media platforms, and glowing testimonials from stakeholders within the York Bid Group.

Attracting People to the City

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the success of Colour & Light 2024! Over 35,000 people came out to experience the excitement of York Art Gallery coming alive with light and sound. It was a true testament to the power of projection and collaboration to bring our city together, and to the talent of our partners at Double Take Projections.
Colour & Light has attracted an additional 80,000 viewers over the past two events, bringing much needed footfall and an economic boost to the city in the early evening and night, and at an otherwise quiet time of year for businesses. It’s also been great to see the diverse range of people that have enjoyed the injection of media arts into the city”.
Carl Alsop, Operations Manager, York BID


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