‘Royal Albert Dock’ Liverpool (Love Returns – Christmas Special)

Projections scaling the entire 85-metre-long wall of the Merseyside Museum, Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool, frightened, reflected, sparkled and celebrated. Our 5-month residency gave the people of Liverpool the opportunity to gaze at our extravagant projections while dining in the surrounding restaurants. During this time, we created and projected content for an array of occasions, and at Christmas, we went all out with an eight-minute short film celebrating love alongside Liverpool’s history. We called it Love Returns.


Our 5-month Residency

Client – Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Location – Merseyside Maritime Museum, Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Date – October 2019 to March 2020
Project Partners – Royal Albert Dock Liverpool, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Small Back Room, The Beatles Museum
Projector Spec – 4 x PT-RZ21K 21,000 Lumen Laser Projectors

Timeless Story

We created a classic, timeless story embedded deep within Liverpool’s maritime history. The story we came up with was set in the 1930s and followed two young people, one away at sea as the other waited patiently for his return. The relationship between the two characters was left to interpretation by the audience – they could be lovers, old friends or siblings. While apart they reminisce about happy times they have spent together surrounded by Liverpool’s famous landmarks – The Liver Building, Sefton Park, Central Station and The Docks themselves. We even managed to bring back some old favourites – buildings that used to dominate the skyline but have since made way for more modern developments – The Cotton Exchange, St. John’s Market, The Sailors’ Home and Customs House.

Alongside Love Returns we produced content to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Hallowe’en, Remembrance Day, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day. We also created pieces to promote the Beatles’ exhibition taking place at Tate Liverpool and the Merseyside Maritime Museum’s archive collection.

Festive Projections

To get a feel for the piece as a whole and the different sections within it, the Double Take Projections team produced storyboards and mood boards. Working without a soundtrack meant that we had to be sure we were conveying all the narrative and emotion with visuals alone. Our design team-built photo collage backgrounds while we filmed the actors in front of a green screen. We then composited them into the shots adding bright, abstract, animated elements to bring a touch of magic to the whole piece that made it worthy of its Christmas spot.

Long-term Projection Shows

The Royal Albert Dock used the event to help them stand out from the crowd at peak times of the year:

“If you’re heading to the Dock for a night out, the impressive projections will be visible from around the Dock – making it a perfect backdrop for Christmas parties, or a Valentine’s meal next year. Britannia Pavilion’s restaurants […] will have some of the best seats in the house for drinks and dining with a spectacular backdrop.”
Royal Albert Dock Website

“Love Returns is the spellbinding, romantic story which depicts a tale of love departing and the countdown to being reunited. A nod to our city’s rich maritime history and heritage.”
The Guide Liverpool


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