European Championships 2018: Armadillo Ticket Launch Projections

Double Take Projections announced to the world the inaugural event on the global sporting calendar – European Championships – when we lit up the SEC Armadillo. We produced a stunning collection of images and videos showcasing Glasgow’s famous Clydeside skyline to promote the ticket launch of the Glasgow 2018 European Championships. The aim of the projection was to create a high level of media exposure to promote Glasgow as a host city for the games and advertise the diverse variety of sports included. ‘The moment is coming…’


‘The Moment is Coming’

Client – European Championships, Glasgow Life
Location – SEC Armadillo, River Clyde, Glasgow,
Date – May 2018
Project Partners – SSE Hydro, Glasgow City Council
Project Spec – 3x EX16KE 16,000 Lumen Projectors

Dramatic Launch

In a dramatic launch bid for the European Championships, to entice ticket buyers, we illuminated one of Glasgow’s most famous landmarks. As one of the host venues, the structure with its beautiful metal-clad curves, provided a perfect canvas to project onto.

Double Take Projections created an accurate architectural map of the Armadillo. Our photographer conducted a photo scan of the whole side of the Armadillo, creating a seamless template to work our animations around. This meant that we could show up on the night of the activation and be confident that the projected content would be correctly orientated to the building.

Medley of Colourful Reflections

As animators and brand specialists, it was our job to incorporate the European Championships’ brand and messaging through our riverside projections. Using brand guidelines, received from the client, we delivered an animation that conveyed the European Championships’ identity while creating a striking visual to mark the launch of the tickets. Liaising with the SSE Hydro, Double Take Projections arranged for the arena lighting to match the colour combinations of the projections.

Projecting across the River Clyde, we beamed onto the Armadillo, emblazoning our visuals onto its surface. We warped the content to fit the curved facade using one of our projection mapping software’s – Madmapper. This approach created a spectacular medley of colourful reflections on the water.

Emblazoning Visuals

The projection advertising launch stunt helped initiate a hugely successful ticket sale campaign for our client. It starting building momentum and excitement for the event. The light-show attracted audiences both online, in the press and on the evening itself. Hundreds of passers-by took photographs and selfies, posting them on their social media accounts. We had a tremendous pickup from the press with various media outlets publishing photographs of the Armadillo projections the following day.

“A hugely talented duo with fantastic creativity and dedication throughout producing spectacular results. A pleasure to work with.”
Euan Voigt, Festival Event Manager, Glasgow 2018 European Championships.


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