Johnnie Walker Projection Mapping

Kicking off Johnnie Walker Princes Street’s partnership with the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Arts Festival, we unveiled a show stopping projection illuminating the entire Johnnie Walker Experience’s eight floor building in the heart of Edinburgh.

With 2022 being Johnnie Walker Experience’s first summer in the city of Edinburgh, we were delighted to make it a special season for them, and for Johnnie Walker fans across the world, by curating a month long Projection Mapping Installation.


A Spectacular Fringe

Client – Johnnie Walker
Location – Johnnie Walker Princes Street, Edinburgh
Date – August 2022
Project Partners – Diageo, Johnnie Walker Edinburgh Princes St, Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh
Projector Spec – 3 x PT-RZ31K 31,000 Lumen Panasonic Laser Projectors

Projection Installation

To celebrate Johnnie Walker Princes Street joining the Edinburgh Fringe circuit for the very first time, they asked us to create a month-long projection installation on their 1930’s Georgian facade. The projection animation had to marry two key themes – The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Johnnie Walker Journey of Flavour tour.

We set out first by experimenting with ways the Johnnie Walker brand could interact with the Fringe Festival. Working closely to a tight set of brand guidelines, we storyboarded a route which featured Johnnie Walker representatives as Edinburgh Festival Street performers.

Green Screen Projections

Taking inspiration from the design of the new Johnnie Walker Princes Street Edition bottle and the Journey of Flavour tour; we produced a 2D/3D animation that celebrates the Edinburgh Festival and transforms Johnnie Walker Princes Street into a beacon of light for the month of August.

We filmed a series of performers in our greenscreen studio, dressed in Johnnie Walker- inspired costumes – incorporating them into our animation and having them interact with the building’s geometry. The actors – who were also Johnnie Walker Experience members of staff – were filmed performing a series of street performance activities such as fire breathing, tightrope walking and juggling, as well as specifically choreographed movements to show them directly interacting with the building facade. We chose appropriate positions on the building to display the actors playfully interacting with the Johnnie Walker facade, and branding elements.

Journey of Flavour

Using the iconic cantilever clock that proudly sits outside Johnnie Walker Princes Street as a recurring theme throughout the piece, we created a series of bold and colourful cabaret-style scenes that reimagine the facade of the eight-floor visitor experience with dancers, acrobats and musicians. The idea being the performers are housed within the inner workings of this magical clock – allowing us to weave cogs and clockwork elements throughout the animation.

The projections gave us the ability to beam the themes and workings of the Johnnie Walker Journey of Flavour tour on the outside of their building – creating a captivating projection show over the month of August.

“It’s wonderful to see Edinburgh’s festival season in full swing once more and we’re delighted to be part of the action. Johnnie Walker Princes Street is looking fabulous both inside and out, especially with the unveiling of our exciting new projection which will illuminate Princes Street with some fabulous story-telling and images.” Barbara Smith Managing Director, Scotland Brand Homes, Diageo


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